Your Press Kit is ready - Urbex Predator

Jens Boele


We’re thrilled to see your interest in Jens Boele’s press kit! You’re taking a big step toward discovering a world of dark mysteries, suspense, and the chilling allure of horror that Jens’s novels have to offer.
To make your job easier, we’ve prepared an all-inclusive press kit packed with essential information, author resources, and more. You can access it with a simple click through the link below:
Jens Boele’s intriguing narratives, especially Urbex Predator, deserve the spotlight, and your dedication to covering his work is truly appreciated. If you have any questions, need further details, or seek an interview or additional material, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to assist you and make your experience covering Jens’s captivating stories as smooth as possible.
Thank you for being a vital part of bringing these tales to life for your readers. We can’t wait to see what engaging stories and insights you uncover!
Warm regards,
Jens Boele
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